Rosella Dambowy

After retiring from teaching in Brainerd, MN and California, and as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to York, England, I moved to St. Joseph, MN.  I still do substitute teaching and do many volunteer hours.
My hobbies are reading-historical novels, bigraphies, Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  As for exercise, I’m a walker and a hiker in the USA and abroad.  I have climbed walls in Great Britain, Israel, Greece and her islands.  I climbed Ayres Rock in Austrailia and Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand.  In this country, the 10K Crazy Horse Memorial Volksmarch in South Dakota, four times so far.  I go to Glacier Park every few years to enjoy the hikes there.  In 2010 I hiked a trail that I hadn’t done in 49 years.  The climb was 1,194 feet and five miles each way.  I walk most every day for two to six miles.

In 1957 while working at Glacier National Park, I was Gary Cooper’s waitress!

And I met Princes Diana while on an exchange program of teachers between Brainerd, MN and York, England.  I’m the one in the ‘corner’ behind Princes Di.

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(At Bottom: Rosella on Ayers Rock in Australia)



Rosella did her 7th annual Volksmarch at Crazy Horse in a Flyers teeshirt!ScanScan 2

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